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The Bay of Kotor is one of the most fascinating places to visit in Montenegro, located on the south side of the Adriatic Sea. This bay was the border between regions practicing Christianity and Islam for many centuries and is known for its beautiful beaches, resorts and historical sites. We offer a range of accommodation around the bay and Kotor Hotels.

The Bay of Kotor, also known as Boka Kotorska or the Gulf of Kotor, is one of the Mediterranean's most distinctive and striking landscapes.

Amongst the many things to do & see in the Bay of Kotor include the fortress at Risan, the town of Kotor, the Petrovac monasteries, and the Island of Flowers located near the coastal city of Tivat. The steep mountains plummeting straight into the Adriatic are, by themselves, a great reason to visit the area. Besides its natural beauty Phuket Cleanse, the area has numerous historic churches, mansions, flower gardens, and fortifications that have created one of the most unforgettable destinations in the Balkan region. So enjoy a relaxing Holiday in Montenegro and stay in our Kotor Hotels!

The Bay of Kotor, also known as Boka Kotorska or the Gulf of Kotor, is one of the Mediterranean's most distinctive and striking landscapes. The Bay of Kotor actually consists of 4 small bays, which are all surrounded by mountains of 1000-1700 m rising directly from the water. The area is also known to have one of the most romantic landscapes to see in all of Montenegro. Stay with your loved one in a secluded Kotor Hotel! The Bay of Kotor area also has some of the most amazing natural landscape in Europe, with its natural fiord; the only one in the Mediterranean!

The town of Kotor is located at the foothill of the Lovcen Mountain and is at the innermost part of the bay. With over two thousand years of history, Kotor has historic remains of times gone by in its walls, streets, mansions, and alleyways. Kotor's welcoming tradition will always ensure that every visitor has a wonderful time and will want to come back to visit the region again. Take a Tour of Northern Montenegro to see all the highlights of the Bay of Kotor!

There are a variety of artistic and cultural events that take place in the town of Kotor, especially in the summer season when nature is at its peak. The Kotor map of the old city will show you a town that is a maze of narrow lanes that form squares. The town has tall cliffs and tall four storey houses built of stone, so the narrow streets generally remain shaded and cool. Be sure to explore Kotor's labyrinthine paths, one of the city's great pleasures.

A major landmark here is St. Tryphon's Cathedral, which stands out with its square towers and is one of Kotor's most identifiable landmarks. This Romanesque building has had several additions to it and has an extremely impressive interior. There are a variety of churches in town, with the majority of them being very small. Kotor also has an assortment of Orthodox and Catholic churches that have been built using Byzantine and Venetian design styles, which perfectly reflect the city's history of a mixture of faiths.

Keep aside some time to climb Kotor's city walls to get to the Fortress of St Ivan. You will also pass the Chapel of Our Lady of Salvation on your way. The steps start at the northwestern corner of the city and, since it is a tough climb, make sure you take refreshments with you for the way. At its highest point, where the ground falls away sharply on three sides, you will see an amazing view of Kotor beneath you. In the north, you will be able to see the entire inner portion of the bay. Stay in our Kotor Hotels!

The city of Kotor can be reached by water through the Veriga Strait, which narrows to just 300 m, and was the point from where the town defended itself against enemy warships in the past, using underwater chains to block entry. The best part of tours in the Bay of Kotor is probably the incredible views. Regardless of where you spot it first, from the air,by land or from the sea, the sight of the bay will always remain unforgettable. Check out our Bay of Kotor Weather page for up-to-date information.

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03/10/2008 - 04/10/2008

Take part in the Adventure Race Montenegro and discover the incredible Montenegrin landscape while enjoying sporting challenges lsuch as kayaking, biking and running.The race combines a total of 27 km of sea and river kayaking, 75 km of on and off road mountain biking and 25 km of cross country running over steep and difficult terrain.


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